Rapid opiate detox

Ultra rapid opiate detox patient from Uk

Rapid opiate detox change his life, true story

rapid opiate detox procedureRapid opiate detox is painless and fast process.
Patient from Perth, Australia. 48yo. Heroin and Crystal Meth addiction for 20 years. The main problem is strong physical and psychological dependence on heroin. Had few unsuccessful treatments before. Passed rapid opiate detox. Received long term Naltrexone implant. Discharged from hospital in stable, satisfactory condition.

Hi! I’m Joe. I’m from Australia and I’ve been addicted to heroin for 20 years. Somehow I come across this clinic Serbian, and I’ve decided to come and try it out because in Australia there is nothing like it. Here they put you to sleep and you don’t feel any pain, they call that rapid opiate detox. So I’ve been detoxed and brainwashed and blocked up and everything. So I’m ready to go home. Physically I’m 100% better. The doctors are great, very friendly, most friendly in the world.

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