Principles of effective treatment drug addiction

Drug addiction is a disease influenced by numerous factors. There are physical, psychological and social changes present with the addict. What is expected from the treatment is that the patient feels well psychophysically, and that he or she is able to reach sound decisions and communicate adequately with the people form his or her surroundings.

In order for treatment to be successful the following criteria have to be fulfilled:

• The treatment has to be adjusted to the individual patient
• The treatment has to be complex and include the correction of physical, psychological and social changes in patient
• The treatment has to be continuous and after checking out of the hospital a plan of maintaining good results has to be devised
• Psychotherapy should include working with the patient’s family

There are various theories how patient could liberate himself or herself from the maniacal drug addiction. Some think that the patient should possess the will to get cured, others believe in power of medications and medicine, and the third pray to God asking for help.
We consider that everything that has a positive influence on a patient and can help him or her physically or psychologically should be applied. We are experienced in treating alcohol, benzodiazepine, cocain, amphetamine, crystal meth, heroin, methadone, buprenorphine, marijuana, as well as combined substances addiction. We had young and old patient from different countries, of different callings and religions. Thanks to application of necessary treatment protocols and application of individualy drafted treatment plans we achieved results even with the most comlicated cases.

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