Heroin detoxification patient from UK

True heroin detox story from UK patient

Heroin detoxification for heroin addict, true story

heroin detox clinicProblems with heroin, daily dose 1 g smoking, male 42 years old, decided to get heroin detoxification treatment  in Serbia, satissfied with the results of detox, did not have withdrawal syndrome, pains, cold turkey, now he went back in UK.

Hi guys! I won’t actually give my real name. I’ll put my name down as Sunny. I came all the way from Nigeria. I accessed the internet for the clinic and did my research, and based on couple of findings, found out that this was amongst the best options that was available to me. I had my doubts initially, but as you know, if you get to a point like mine, I’ve been using heroin for 25 years, and I’m 41 now, your options are tended to be quite limited. I checked up the clinic both, the one in Russia and the one here. The one in Serbia was the most accessible to me from the UK. I came over about 10 days ago to England and got in touch with the clinic. Clinic was very, very helpful in getting me over to Serbia. If you were going to a detox in England, I know what it takes. You have to be on a waiting list from 9 to 12 weeks, waiting list, but I was accepted within 2 weeks. It could have even been faster, it is possible. Anyway, coming down to Serbia was a totally different experience for me. I have never been here before. I don’t speak the language but it was not a problem. I was met at the airport and picked up by staff of the clinic. Everything was pretty helpful. As soon as I got to the facility, their first concern was how was I feeling. It was not, what have I been doing ….No! How am I feeling?! Do I need any meds?! Considering you are going into the detox, it is always scary, you do not know what to expect. Do you use before you come and lengthen the procedure, or do you abstain completely, and go in and find out that nobody’s gonna tend to you for the next 24 hours. Now, that was not the case. As soon as I got here, it was, bum, bum, bum! That is one thing I have to give my hand up to them. Any, any need while I was an inpatient here was taken care of, at any point of time, any time of the night. Believe me, I have come down at four, five, six in the morning. While I was an outpatient, I came at six in the morning from outside in a taxy and was attended to. There was no grumbling from any of the nurses, or anything. They met me as comfortable as they could. Went back to my hotel after, this was after a period of detox that you spend a couple of days based on your plan that you’ve got. There are various plans involved. Unfortunately I only went through the rapid detox. I really wanted to go through neuroleptic, there is a neuroleptic part of it, where there is conditioning of part of your mental processes in order to insert blockers. Unfortunately I was not able to afford that. Of course, these things don’t come easy. If anything similar you were doing in Europe it would cost tens of thousands of pounds. My detox here initially for the first four days was suppose to cost 15 000, but after, they realized that I was still within withdrawals, they did not tell :”Adam, your time is up, you have to go! No!” I was given an extension without me having to ask, but I consciously knew that I have been given an extension. I must say it is one of the few, I’ve been through three other detoxes, and this is the only….there is no painful detox, but this has been the easiest of them all. And because it has been the easiest, it is the easiest to let go. Sometimes, it is very difficult to let go, especially if you really had a hard time with it. The doctors were excellent as I said, the nurses also. Every need I had from dietary requirements to medication was looked after at any point in the day. Obviously, one, you can not take advantage of that, but they do realize if you are on the level that you are truly in agony. I have completed my course, and I would be going back to Africa, but England first. I’ve been given prescription. I’ve decided to pick up my medications here. Medications I was taking and they have been selected through each and every doctor telling me how to use them, what to avoid, the pitfalls to avoid, and I said I wish I had gone through the whole process, but unfortunately that was not ment to be for me, but regardless I have no regrets what so ever.

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