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Psychological addiction from drugsPsychological addiction to drugs consists of stubborn thoughts and craving for narcotics. Patient’s behaviour is often irrational. While getting prepared to come to the hospital for treatment, he sincerely wants to get clean, to change his life, to fulful himself through success at work, sport, to have normal friends, peace and happiness. After the treatment, it often happens that patient’s thoughts are conflicting. He is feeling bored, he would like to treat himself to a narcotic, he is not satisfied with present state and it crosses his mind that he could have a beer, smoke a joint. And everything starts over. In a while episodes of consuming alcohol and marijuana become more intensive, and addict goes back to problematic company. When the effects of the joint wear off, he starts looking for something else to feel “the flesh” again. He cannot sleep, cannot relax unless he takes some substance, he is not able to stay “clean” and he starts to systematically take narcotics again. What is the cause of this vicious circle? The two factors that regulate emotions, behaviour and desires:
• Neurochemical reactions that create “the background” – good or bad mood. Everything depends on the level of natural or external substances which stimulate or slow down the processes in brain.
• Volitional machanisms which represent our ability to conquer the pain, to endure, sacrifice, and overcome the hardships in order to reach the goal, as well as to take care of others.

With addicts both of these factors are in disorder, since their behaviour is controlled by desires and instincts, not reason. As a consequence, the addict always puts his own pleasure first. Needs of other people have no significance for him, social norms are of no importance, and lies and manipulation become everyday instrument for fulfiling the need for narcotics. The addicts care abount one thing only – how to feel good now, and they do not think about the price they will have to pay tomorrow. Change in personality is one of the most insistent symptoms of addiction. It is possible to relieve the patient from physical suffering, to cleanse and regenerate his organism, stabilise his psyche, ensure him a good night’s sleep, appetite and even reduce his desire for narcotics, but no one except himself cannot restore to him sense of responsibility, discipline, respect and love towards close people, motivation to succeed and the ability to reach goals. For this he needs a longer period of time and most often a special part of treatment – resocialisation.
Regarding psychological craving, we have an opportunity to normalise neurochemical disbalance in the brain and to considerably weaken the desire for narcotics. The most efficient way to remove opssessive thoughts about narcotics are therapies by ibogaine and xenon.

Ibogaine is a unique substance originating from a plant which efficiently blocks psychological addiction. There are many cases of large numbers of addicts trying unsuccessfully to get cured (communes, detoxifications, narconon, psychotherapy, substitutional therapy, church, etc.) After an ibogaine session, the addicts lost interest in narcotics and started a new life.There is a half-mystical theory about great power of spiritual growth, about cult spiritual power of ibogaine which has been used in Africa in religious rites for a long time. There are also well organised scientific researches NIDA, EMCDDA which have proved the influence of ibogaine on neurobiological foundations of narcotics addiction. Ibogaine abolishes psychological craving better than any other known way. With some patients that are highly motivated to get cured, ibogaine can, accompanied by necessary psychological preparation, evoke desire to completely change their lives, to correct all the mistakes they have made and to start over. This happens when a person fights the addiction for years, makes decisions, but continues to behave in the same old way. Suddenly, he finds a way out and realises that a life without narcotics is possible. That is the spiritual rebirth after ibogaine, mental reset. Second part of the positive effects of ibogaine is neurochemical. Under its influence numerous brain structures begin to work properly, mediator “storm” is gone and patient does not feel any desire for narcotics. The therapy has certain contraindications and risks and it is necessary to conduct it after previously performed diagnosis, detoxification and reduces pharmacotherapy, in order to lower the risk of undesirable side effects. During the procedure the monitoring and supervision of a psychologist is necessary. After the ibogaine therapy it is necessary to estimate the result and make the plan for further rehabilitation.

Xenon does not induce psychological changes, but it is more efficient for patients with serious psychological disturbances. In case of depression, bipolar disorder, psychotic episodes, panic attacks and epilepsy, ibogaine therapy is limited. However, it is necessary to conduct active measures in order to control tension and psychological addiction. Patients experience insomnia, persistent thoughts about narcotics, absence of joy, energy and will, which are the price paid for euphoria and happiness experienced during the narcotics abuse, and that is the classical rebound effect. In order for the brain of an addict to be able again to produce its natural neuroregulators, depending on the situation, it needs help. This problem can be partially solved by medicaments. Neuro Jet therapy is also efficient, but the best results in many a research were accomplished by use of xenon. The point of this method is to provide, by using a special device, the patient with 20-30 minutes of gas inhalation. He is conscious all the while, communication with the doctor and not sleeping. The anxiety and pain go away, and his brain is being purified from bad thoughts about narcotics. The brain is at rest, and the effect lasts for several hours. The gas does not linger in patient’s organism, does not provoke any chemical reactions, the patient does not feel weakness, disorientation, nor dizziness. Xenon protects neurons as well. In neurology and neuroreanimation xenon inhalation is used for protecting the brain in case of stroke or injury. While at rest and in state of tranquillity, damaged cells renew their functions in a much greater degree. The main limiting factor of this rather efficient method is the difficulty of obtaining it and the high price. Xenon therapy has no contraindications.

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