Recovery from drugs/regeneration/neurometabolic therapy

Details on Regeneration/Recovery

Memory loss drugsWhen we have helped the patient overcome the physiological crisis and stabilised his psychological state, it is to be expected that he is ready to begin a new phase in his life where he alone should estimate situations, reach decisions and realise them. However, it often happens that the addict’s neural activity, ability to analyse, memory, volatile mechanisms, and behaviour control are severely damaged due to narcotics consumption. There are numerous addicts who started to use psychoactive substances very early, between 14 and 16 years, when personality and intelect of a person are not yet formed, and narcotics consumption only aggravates the situation. When the addict comes in for a treatment, and that is usually between 22 and 24 years of age, his mental and cognitive functions are far from normal. After detoxification, the patient is simply not able to rightly assess the situation, to reach the right decision and to realise it. Even if there exists the motivation to get treated, his brain and psyche are so damaged that he is not able to put the devised plan into motion. Same as the man who would want to run 1 km with his bones broken and muscles atrophied. Despite the honest desire, there will be no results until there are conditions for their realisation. Neurometabolical therapy creates exactly those conditions, i.e. improves concentration, memory, behaviour control, ability to analyse. The patient becomes more cooperative, he realises that he should change his way of life, and the advice from the psychologist and control from his loved ones does not perceive as meddling into his private affairs any more. Neurometabolical therapy is acctually preparation for the next phase of education, psychotherapy, the change of life style and set of values.

Neurometabolical therapy comprises infusions with modern substances which nourish and regenerate brain cells. Three to four different substances are usually used within a neurometabolical therapy and they affect various mechanisms:
• Improvement of circulation and nourishment of neurons
• Improvement of memory due to influence on acetylcholine receptors
• Improvement of higher neurological activity due to regulation and mutual influence of various brain parts
• Strengthening of resilience to stress, improvement of mental stability and concentration
• Improvement of behaviour control, strong emotional stability



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