What is drug detoxification?

drug detoxificationDrug Detoxification is a treatment process required to overcome the condition caused by drug withdrawal. Regular and prolonged use of opioids, alcohol, benzodiazepines and other addictive substances seriously undermines metabolic processes in patient’s body.  It results  in neurotransmitter imbalance and  dysfunction of  receptor systems responsible for control most of physiological processes in human’s  brain. Simply put, after getting used to drug, the body can function relatively normally only under influence of that substance. But as soon as drug concentration drops, the alarm of withdrawal immediately turns on. The clinical signs of withdrawal are shown in anxiety, non- stop sneezing, hot-cold sweating, general sickness.  Desire to use drugs to fix up the situation, to bring the state of physical and mental discomfort back to “normal” grows up, soon becoming unbearable. If at that moment the drug does not hit the body the symptoms of withdrawal progress into muscle pain, rapid heart beating, vomiting, diarrhea.

drugdetox withdrawal symptomsWithdrawal symptoms can last from few days to several weeks.  It depends on the type of substance, the dose, the way of admission, the patient’s health and duration of drug abuse.  In hardest cases the withdrawal symptoms may result in convulsions, cardiac or respiratory failure, delirium, psychosis.  Medically assisted drug detoxification protects the patient from extremely unpleasant and  often dangerous symptoms  of withdrawal,  cleanses the body out of drugs, normalizes basic physiological processes, repairs immune system, restores appetite and sleep.

How can I start detoxification from drugs?

At the beginning the patient fills in the medical questionnaire through the internet (e-mail). Based on received   information we offer the patient the individual treatment plan and give him preparation instructions. After the date of arrival has been agreed, we organize meeting of the patient at the airport, transfer him to clinic, accommodate the accompanying person(s). Then the contract for medical service is signed by the both sides. Payment is done. The 5 day detox begins.

Dr Vorobiev clinic for addiction disease can offer you diferent detoxification programs for drug and alcohol dependence:  painless heroin detoxification, opiate detox , subutex detox,  ibogaine therapy

5 day drug detoxification programme


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