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Addiction treatment prices

PRICE LIST (complete treatments price list)

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Clinics Abroad

  Moscow +7 (800) 555-66-26 Krasnodar clinic +7 (861) 236-04-27, 260-14-96 Piatgorsk clinic +7 (8793) 33-39-92, 33-98-05 Rostov clinic +7 (8632) 91-90-90, 55-70-77 Mexico +7 (905) 751-14-28 Dubai representative office +971 50 7190540 Lebanon branch office +9 613 070869, +9 617 1415050  

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Benefits of drug addiction treatment abroad

Should you travel for drug addiction treatment ? Some effective treatments might not be available in your country and/or are not professionally performed. Our clinic employs experts (narcologists, anesthesiologists, psychiatrist, psychologists etc.) with decades of experience in addiction treatment. With their knowledge and modern medical equipment, they will monitor patient’s condition every step of the way. It is […]

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Psychological and psychotherapeutical work

Psychological and Psychotherapeutical Work Psychodiagnostics In our hospital personal characteristics and peculiarities of intelect are studied by the art of psychodiagnostics (texts, scales, conversations, projection methods etc.) The diagnostics often contributes to early detection of symptoms of psychological disorder and thus helps to start with the active therapy in due time. The clinical psychologist discovers […]

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Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction

What is ibogaine ? Ibogaine is a unique substance originating from a plant which efficiently blocks psychological addiction. There are many cases of large numbers of addicts trying unsuccessfully to get cured (communes, detoxifications, narconon, psychotherapy, substitutional therapy, church, etc.) After an ibogaine session, the addicts lost interest in narcotics and started a new life.There is a […]

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Drug treatment reducing recidivism

Reducing recidivism – recidivism prevention After the stationary treatment, patient’s state is stable, his body clean from narcotics. He does not feel the physical crisis and wants to start a new life. However, when he gets back home, new factors take sway over him: communication with problematic company, availability of narcotics, stress at work and […]

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Recovery from drugs/regeneration/neurometabolic therapy

Details on Regeneration/Recovery When we have helped the patient overcome the physiological crisis and stabilised his psychological state, it is to be expected that he is ready to begin a new phase in his life where he alone should estimate situations, reach decisions and realise them. However, it often happens that the addict’s neural activity, […]

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Details on Treating Psychological Addiction

Psychological addiction to drugs consists of stubborn thoughts and craving for narcotics. Patient’s behaviour is often irrational. While getting prepared to come to the hospital for treatment, he sincerely wants to get clean, to change his life, to fulful himself through success at work, sport, to have normal friends, peace and happiness. After the treatment, […]

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Clinic for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment - Europe
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  • Naltrexone implant: 2 , 3, 6, 12 months
  • Ibogaine treatment
  • Painless detoxification from heroin, subutex, methadone, crack, ecstasy ...
  • Treatment of psychological addiction from narcotics
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