What is drug detox ?
  • days to stop using drugs

  • days to wake up in the morning without craving of drugs

  • days to regain control over your life

Detoxification from narcotics is the first step in solving the problem of addiction.

Drug detoxification (freeing from physical addiction , receptor cleansing) enables the psyche and body of the patient to be in the normal state without torturing and risk. The usage of medications can weaken the intensity of the unpleasant symptoms in great measure, infusion or plasmapheresis accelerate the detoxification of the narcotics from the organism and they shorten the duration of abstinence syndrome. Modern complex drug detoxification is a first step to return to a normal state, when a person feels good and is capable to control his/her behavior.

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Results / References

Drug detox and drug blocker therapy – Patient from England.

Testimonials patient from england. Drug detox and blocker therapy

Drug detox – Ultra rapid detox – Patient from UK

 Patient from UK - Ultra rapid detox





Heroin detox – Ultra rapid opioid detoxification – Patient from Australia

 Patient from Australia - Ultra rapid opioid detoxification


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