Detox from narcotics

Detoxification from narcotics is the first step in solving the problem of addiction. It is a very important phase of healing process. In many cases a human life depends on the way his body and psyche get released from narcotics. The essence is the fact that during a long-term regular usage of the narcotics many physiological processes in the organism change. For example, when the addict consummates opioids (heroin, methadone, morphine), he feels euphoria and pleasant peace, he is self-confident and in a good mood. Apart from that, his/her pulse and breathing slow , his/her pupils get narrow, a reaction to pain weakens, and the motor bowels work changes. Usually after 14 to 20 days of regular narcotics consummation pleasant and positive effects of the narcotics weaken and without narcotic the addict begins to feel bad.

That is the so called abstinencesyndrome, the crisis. The matter is that the organism rearranged all the life processes and the addicts function normally only under certain dose of narcotics. As soon as the concentration reduces the addict begins to feel anxiety and thoughts and desires about using narcotics appear.  His/her pupils broaden, breathing and the pulse accelerate, there is the apparition of   “goose” skin and he/she begins to sneeze and yawn frequently. Unless he takes the narcotics, within few hours  pain, sickness, throwing up, and spasms in the abdomen appear. Painful symptoms will follow the addict until his/her receptors get free from the opioid , and the metabolism switches to such regime that all physiological processes run normally without narcotics.

Drug detoxification process

Drug detoxification (freeing from physical addiction, receptor cleansing) enables  the psyche and body of the patient to be in the normal state without torturing and risk. The usage of medications can weaken the intensity of the unpleasant symptoms in great measure, infusion or plasmapheresis accelerate the detoxification of the narcotics from the organism and they shorten the duration of abstinence syndrome. For the purpose of regeneration of the organs that are damaged by the toxins the regenerative components which nourish and provide the damaged cells with the energy are used.  Apart from that lately the neuro-stimuli are used that activate the production of endogenous opioid. They enable the reduction of drugs dose , taking into account that the brain itself begins to produce the substances that are necessary for the normal sleep, appetite and mood. Massage, kinetic therapy, physical therapy, apparatuses techniques with vacuum massages and interference current, TENS, myostimulation activate the circulation, reduce the pain and the feeling of tension in the muscles. Intravenous laser radiation of blood stimulates the immunity which is often weakened by the narcotics and the infections such as hepatitis C or HIV.

Modern complex drug detoxification is a first step to return to a normal state, when a person feels good and is capable to control his/her behavior. There is a huge difference between drugs purchased on black market that are supposed to replace the narcotics and hospital treatment specialized for conducting detoxification. Non-systematic usage of great  doses of sedative and analgesics makes the person lose control over his/her behavior, toxifies his/her organism even more and changes the physiological processes, which leads to the relapse in the end. If you address the experts you can be sure about the following:

  • that the patient will be isolated from narcotics and that he/she will not take them during treatment
  • that the very process of detoxification will be finished until the very end, and the result confirmed by the analyses and test with help of the opioid antagonists
  • the necessary diagnostics will be conducted for the patient
  • that during the treatment the patient will get  all the necessary help, and his state will be constantly controlled from the side medical personnel and apparatuses for monitoring  the vital functions
  • during the treatment the metabolism and immunity can be strengthened, appetite normalized, as well as  sleep and mood
  • after efficient detoxification the patient is ready for the continuance of treatment or rehabilitation





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