Treating Drug Addiction

The initial question we got asked by the patients when they first come to our hospital for information is whether the problem they have with drugs or alcohol is a disease or an accidental inconveniance that can happen to anyone. With the regular intake of narcotics the brain and body of an addict are in the state of chronic intoxification, which leads to disturbance in neurochemical processes in the brain, changes in physiological processes, metabolism and immune system. Narcotics abuse can be compared to life under radiation or toxic substances. A man deteriorates gradually and inconspicuously.

When drugs are taken for a period of one to three years, the following changes occur:

  • The secreting of brain neuroregulators which are in charge of behaviour and emotions is disturbed. The complete psychological activity depends solely on the dose of narcotics. The reduced concentration of narcotics in organism leads to stress, nervousness, and persistent craving for repeated effects of psychoactive substance. Obssessive thoughts about narcotics, i.e. psychological addiction, occur as well, and that is the core of the disease.
  • The body suffers negative consequences of the narcotics effects and they can be of different nature: damaging of nasal barrier, sinusitis, infective endocarditis, thrombophlebitis, toxic damaging of the liver, kidneys and other internal organs. Almost every drug addict has problems with sleep, appetite, teeth deterioration, skin conditions, dark eye circles. Those are all signs of physical and psychological exhaustion.
  • The personality of an addict changes. An addict becomes constantly worried about his or her state, he or she wants to feel only the pleasant narcotics euphoria; the fear of crisis makes him or her egotistical, lying, irresponsible and capable of various manipulations. An addict puts only his or her own best interests first.

As a general rule, addicts become aware of the dangers of addiction only in five to seven years, when the harmful consequences of the drug abuse become apparent and numerous promises and attempts to quit using narcotics on their own fail to bring any results. In addition, financial and emotional state of the family is on the brink of disaster as well. In this phase, the addicts themselves start using drugs only to be “normal”, they grow tired of narcotics and want to change their lives. Unfortunately, it happens that at this point it may be too late for a treatment.


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